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What's in and What's out...

Customers are always asking me what's 'on trend' or what's the next big decor style for the upcoming seasons. It's a really tricky question as there can be a new fad every couple of years.

The overall general consensus, and this will come as no surprise, is that we feel a need to connect to nature and are placing more emphasis on a sense of well-being and calm, nostalgia and the feeling of being cosy. Minimalist is definitely out. As we have all spent more time at home over the last few years and indeed some are still working from home, our space and how it makes you feel is more important than ever.

Our homes should be a source of peace, and this is easier than you think to influence with more personal, sentimental accessories and furniture. The increase in searches for antique and vintage is huge, more than 700% on some platforms. This, maybe a sign that we are becoming more nostalgic for a simpler life and time.

Antique items are sentimental to us as they have memories, just as important is sustainability. By giving old or damaged furniture a new life, we are helping the environment and bringing a great story in to our homes.

Autumn 2022 is all about rustic interiors and that sense of craftsmanship, this and neutral interiors is very much here to stay alongside Nostalgia that runs throughout and supports our well-being.

Some trends never go out of fashion while others fade quickly. The 'Classics' retain their style forever. For example, Farmhouse is timeless. it works with many classic colours and furniture. Some people prefer an older home as it has charm and personality.

If you are thinking of decorating your home, try a timeless trend and look for furniture that never goes out of fashion but that can work in all kinds of styles and trends. Colours that are currently gaining traction are browns and earthy tones, terracotta, natural material.

Furniture or decorative items that have a history of a place you have visited or has personal meaning to you evoking happy memories is always a lovely thing and can never be wrong!

My five things to consider would be:

  • Your space - how does the energy flow? Have you looked at Feng Shui? Can you improve your traffic flow? The East influence is big in to 2023.

  • Colours and natural light

  • Travel, keep those memories around you

  • Furniture, what materials do you want in your home?

  • History, have a great piece with a wonderful backstory that brings personality

Experiment with size, scale, colour. If it makes you smile it's a winner!

2023 is very much about organic, homemade, and local, meaning more unique pieces. Raw yet elegant, craft, vision and sustainability are most definitely upcoming designs and will continue to be on trend.

You know my motto - If you love it, buy it...

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