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#Nostalgia Christmas Competition Terms & Conditions

Let’s have a bit of fun this festive period. With all the doom and gloom around, I find myself looking back at simpler times. This got me thinking about Nostalgia and the fun we have on the build up to Christmas - my favourite time rather than the day itself!

I’m a bit of a one for traditions… Mom and I go Christmas shopping every year to the same lovely, quaint little village where there are a number of wonderful independent shops that we love to support. And a Coffee with 'Christmas Milk', our name for a splash of something Irish and Creamy - you know the one...

The tradition winner in my family however is absolutely my mother's ‘nonsense’ - our affectionate title for mom's random gift buying for all three of us girls. She starts early in the year and buys 10 or more small gifts for each of us, all the same, so we each have the same presents to open. She wraps all the same gifts in the same paper, (complains about this every year :)) and all gifts are in different paper, if that makes sense! We then choose which gift we are going to open by the style of paper, we open them at the same time, at pace and squealing in anticipation because one of us is invariably quicker than the other two. Mom sits there laughing at our reactions and it truly is a wonderful time that we all look forward to more than anything else.

What are your Christmas traditions that you love and cherish? - I’d love you to share these, and thought I’d make a competition of it.

So, starting on December the first here’s what to do…

To enter, just follow my advent calendar posts throughout December:

  1. Make sure you follow thatvintageplaceltd

  2. Like and share one or more advent posts

  3. Include comments within one post, or more, your favourite Nostalgic memory of Christmas.

Your memory doesn’t have to be as long winded as mine! perhaps you have a tree decorating tradition; a favourite old, even ugly, tree decoration that just has to adorn your tree; or a cherished memory from childhood? A crazy Christmas jumper? - photos are also welcome.

The winner will be chosen based on how many likes their Nostalgic memory receives and will receive a £50 gift voucher to treat themselves in the New Year. I’ll announce the winner on Christmas Eve.

I can’t wait to read your nostalgic traditions!

Merry Christmas!

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