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Sharing a Love of

Vintage Things

Decorative Antiques from my Home to Yours

​The history, quality, the love and survival of these items is to be cherished.

My Story

That Vintage Place is a decorative antique business in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside - sourcing unique authentic items for homes and independent businesses.

A love of decorative interior design, craftsmanship and personality inspired the creation of That Vintage Place. With a love for the quirky individual pieces that are not run of the mill I turned a passion in to a business and bring a collection of my decorative salvage items to you.

The fact that these pieces still offer their original or alternative use is a very important factor in our world of sustainability. These items will almost always hold their value versus something mass manufactured that will not.


You will see a variety of items as I buy what I love and I don’t specialise in one style, always hunting for those one offs that make me smile, some are rare, some scarce, as such, if you see something you love the chances are there may not be another one!


What a great find!

What a great find!! That Vintage place have some lovely authentic items and they pack and post sooooooo quickly!!! Couldn't be happier with my purchases - more than happy to recommend!

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