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Vintage Dressmakers Dummy

Vintage Dressmakers Dummy

SKU: TVP00316

Form-o-Matic Mannequin

I love it when I come across something i've not seen before - especially when its in great condition.

Made by Perfect Fit in 1950 the dummies were promoted as the worlds most amazing adjustable dress  form. It was delivered flatpack, requiring the dressmaker to bend and pin together the cardboard pieces, which could then be adjusted to a wide variety of body shapes.

She looked a little tipsy when I found her, sat into her hips slightly on the one side. I have popped some bubble wrap inside just to keep the shape a little. 

The cardboard is in great condition with original pins - age related wear is evident as you'd expect but she has a great look!

Measuring: H: 26" W: 15" D: 12".

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