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Stunning 1901 Coat Rack

Stunning 1901 Coat Rack

SKU: TVP00204

Amazing Antique Pitch Pine Hat & Coat Rack with 53 Hooks 

This antique Coat Rack came from The Quinta. The Quinta is a large privately owned estate in Shropshire. The estate was always used to support Christian purposes and other good causes. The rack was part of a 'naughty boys' school housed on the estate. The estate history dates back to the 17th century - in 1885 the estate was bought by Thomas Barnes, a cotton manufacturer, under Thomas The Quinta became a self sufficient esate with its own railway line bringing in its own coal, it also had its own gas works and fire engine!

I love the history here as much as I love this great antique piece - with a fabulous use it gets to live another life. In great condition bar one missing hook on the bottom right of one side. I forgive it this small flaw as  otherwise it is superb!

Measurements: its a biggy... H: 72.44" L: 64.96" D: 27.95"

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