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Oversized JP Coats Cotton Reel

Oversized JP Coats Cotton Reel

SKU: TVP00210

Original Antique JP Coats Cotton Reel

In 1755 James and Patrick Clark began a loom equipment and silk thread business in Paisley, Scotland. In 1806 Clark invented a way to twist cotton together to substitute silk that was unavailabe due to the French blocade of Great Britain, opening the first manufcturing plant in 1812. In 1802 James Coats set up a weaving bsuiness, also in Paisley and opened a cotton mill in 1826. He retired in 1830 and hsis sons took over under the name J & P. Coats, they expanded iternationally and in 1890 listed on the London Stock Exchange.

This lovely advertising treasure measures 4" in DIA.

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