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Benjamin Saaflux Lights

Benjamin Saaflux Lights

SKU: TVP00229

Grey Enamel Benjamin Saaflux Pendant Lights

These Industrial 1950's Pendant Lights manufactured in London in the 50's have a fabulous timeless look.

These set of three have some wear to the enamel but only on one and for me it adds to their charm. They retain the original 'Saaflux' labels and are complete with the original glass fitting.

I found these lights in an old school and just loved them.

They are 48cm in DIA and in absolutely great condition.

The price listed is for the set of three and as such as a set are cheaper than being purchased individually - if you did want less then I have listed them seperately too.

Benjamin Electric Ltd opened it's first London store in 1908 after having patented in 1898 by founder, Reuben Benjamin in Chicago.

These lights offer a fantastic interior style for your home or business.

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