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Decorative Original Hymn Numbers

Decorative Original Hymn Numbers


Charming Vintage Boxed Hymn Numbers

A lovely complete set of vintage hymn numbers.

The box has a wonerful original note on the underside of the lid reading, 'Do not bend the cards. Slide the numbers into the grooves on the hymn board. Replace the numbers in the box in their correct position'!

The box consists of 6 x no.0; 9 x no.1; 8 x no.2; 7 x no.3; 8 x no.4; 8x no.5; 6x no.6; 8x no.7; 7x no.8 and 5x no.9. They measure 4.25" in height and 3" in width.

Box L: 20.5"; 72 D; 4.5" H

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