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Where it all began…

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

After eleven hard but enjoyable years running pubs, I joined the world of corporate banking, quite a change! The main satisfaction in the last 14 years of banking was being able to help and support small independent business owners, never did I think I would become one!!

Throughout the last 25 years I have always had a love of antique and vintage things, this stemmed from visiting antique fairs with my mom – I have always loved anything wooden, mainly large wooden furniture I have never had a house big enough to accommodate. Anyone who knows me will also tell you I have a thing for early advertising Showcards as I’m as mad for these as I am tins, old advertising tins, beautifully coloured and graphitised, also *incredibly useful for storage of just about anything, they are all over my house, mainly the kitchen but the living room and bedroom depending on the brand, it’s fabulous to be able to repurpose something – especially in this day and age. This really ignited my passion for old advertising, the language used was so charming and innocent, we wouldn’t feel we would get away with that now – too cheesy! This for me makes them even more delightful and fun, that and the craftsmanship that used to go into things that were either given away or in some cases, thrown away – if only they had known then…

The thrill of finding a treasure is what gets me out of bed at 5am on a cold wet January Sunday morning – that anticipation of what you might find, it can also be disheartening when you don’t find anything, but you have to keep looking, far and wide, in my case all over the country.

I pride myself in authenticity and originality, there are a lot of reproductions about, so you have to be careful.

I will always to the best of my knowledge differentiate between what is antique and what is vintage in my descriptions and provide a lot of photos – not only of the condition but also to give you inspiration for the items potential new purpose. As all products are antique or vintage in age they will have signs of their previous love and it is therefore important to review all of the imagery as I want you to love the item as much as I do.

And so my journey of turning my passion into a business begins – I’m bringing my collection of treasures to market, thanks for your interest.

As they say – when one antique door closes, another one opens…

Check out my collection of Vintage things for the home and garden

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