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The Right Gifts for the Right People!

I don't know about you but I always feel a bit of pressure when choosing that special gift for someone dear to me - especially in my line of work!

I do however love finding that fabulous piece that fits them perfectly, you see something and think tadah I just have to get that for so and so.

Later on in the year, (as we get a wee bit closer), I will be sending out a newsletter with some suggested stock items that could make that perfect present to make you and your oved one smile but for now have a read of the attached link - I'm on the fence with this... do we really need science to help us choose a gift for someone or should we just keep it simple and do what I do - buy what you love and just hope the recipient feels the same! I do agree with the first part of this article, " a good gift is something that someone really wants but feels guilty buying it themselves"!

Its never too early to buy a gift - leaving it until the last minute really does add stress you don't need. I have bought gifts for people months in advance of their birthday or Christmas because I have seen it and knew it was exactly right for that person.

Take a look at the items on the website for some inspiration - its never too early!

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